Improving Immunization through Supportive Feedback and Non­monetary Incentives:A Randomize
Control Trial in Ethiopia

Zerihun Associates is partnering with Marie Stopes International Ethiopia (MSIE) and ideas42, a non-profit firm that uses behavioral science to improve social outcomes, to increase child immunization rates in Ethiopia.The consortium will design and test behaviorally informed interventions to tackle community-level immunization gaps using a randomized control trial to measure impact. The intervention will leverage links between Health Extension Workers and the broader community of which HEWs are a part and which they serve. There will be two components, supportive feedback and non-monetary incentives. With supportive feedback the HEWs will receive feedback on their own outreach performance with clear actionable steps to spur action. Those HEWs who perform well will also receive positive recognition through non-monetary incentives for serving their community. The intervention will occur in the Oromia region from April 2016 to December 2017. Impact will be measured utilizing a RCT design. Financial support for the implementation of the programme along with its evaluation was provided by 3ie.