Critiquing Ethiopian LSMS-ISA Agriculture Module

A Brief Overview of the LSMS-ISA Agriculture Module: From the perspective of someone trying to identify adopters from non-adopters of specific agricultural technology Abebual Demilew* Critiquing LSMS-ISA survey agriculture module in four hours is a daunting exercise. LSMS-ISA surveys are one of the most robust and high quality survey instruments available, and the LSMS-ISA team […]

Food Distribution, Skill Development, and Financial Services: An Impact Evaluation

Abstract [Click Here to read the full paper] Livelihood development is critical in a post-conflict situation as in Southern Sudan. Returning from camps, a good portion of these internally displaced people are facing lack of employment opportunities along with acute shortage of basic services. In an effort to design an effective approach the extreme poor […]

Addressing Quality of Education in Ethiopian Primary Schools: A microsimulation model

Conclusion and Policy LessonsĀ [Click here to access full document] The evidence form this micro-simulation modeling shows large potential gain from Targeted Instruction Community Tutors (TICT) intervention. The evidence unambiguously signals the need to focus on basic literacy skills and teaching to the right level. To commit to the idea that every child can master the […]

Application of Multiple Rigorous Methods in Impact Evaluation

The Empowerment and Livelihood for Adolescent Girls (ELA) program is a BRAC-led initiative to promote the social and economic empowerment of adolescent girls and young women in low income countries (Uganda and Tanzania). These programs are seen as pilots in which to experiment with innovative approaches, measure the results, and provide evidence for possible scaling-up […]