Mid-term Evaluation of Somali Grils Education Promotion Programme (SOMGEP) in Somaliland, Puntland,
and Central Somalia

The Somali Girls Education Promotion (SOMGEP) Programme in rural areas of Toghdeer, Sool, Sanaag, Mudug, and Galmudug regions in Somaliland, Puntland, and Centeral Somalia is CARE International’s important programme that aims at increasing access to education for some of the most educationally disadvantaged children; rural (sedentary and nomadic) girls. More specifically, the project aims at imporoving retention and learning outcomes for girls in 150 primary and 23 secondary schools. In partnership with nine implementing partners, CARE International seeks to mobilise 173 rural communities to support girls’ education. Recruits, trains, and supports 270 teachers, including 90 females, to provide a relevant, quality education for primary and secondary school rural girls. The project constructed culturally appropriate child/girl-friendly learning facilities (or refurbished) and equipped 150 rural primary schools, 20 secondary schools and three secondary schools boarding facilities for rural girls.

Furthermore, strengthens Ministry of Education policies and the Quality Assurance function to support the delivery of a relevant, quality education for rural girls in primary and secondary schools. More distinctively, the project demonstrates innovative plans for religious leaders to promote support for girls’ education in rural areas, as well as plans for girls’ secondary boarding schools. All outputs are tailored towards achieving the project expected outcomes of increasing access, retention and completion of marginalised girls to full cycle of primary and secondary schools levels. Zerihun Associates is contracted to conduct the mid-term evaluation of SOMGEP.