Our data collection techniques adhere to rigorous academic standards and data collection protocols.

Data Collection

Zerihun Associates uses sound data collection techniques and has embraced the use of electronic surveys. We are particularly proud of using Open Data Kit (ODK), surveybe, and Census and Survey Processing System (CSPro). These are a new generation of computer assisted personal interviewing software products that have comprehensive survey design and implementation toolkits designed to handle even the most intricate survey designs and questionnaire structures.

Electronic Survey toolkits are built to support the design and implementation of both simple linear surveys and large scale complex surveys containing multiple linked instruments and using previous data from longitudinal or panel surveys.

The use of electronic survey toolkits help us define both simple and complex logical skip and routing patterns, validation rules and numerous question and response options. Our associates have successfully used electronic survey software products in large household surveys in Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, and Sierra Leone since 2009.

Data Collection Service Includes:*Design, Adaptation and *Finalization of Survey Instruments *Data Collection Plan and Protocol *Electronic Survey Programming *Developing Surveyor, Supervisor, and Data Processing Systems and Manuals; and *Field Test of Survey Instruments

On sight Consistency Checks - we configure our electronic surveys with a large number of consistency checks. This avoids researchers having to make ad-hoc assumptions about what was meant during analysis phase.

Carrying Responses Forward - We program our questionnaires to allow for the answers o one question to be carried forward to inform part the text of later question, allowing the interview to flow more clearly and avoid the need for the interviewer to refer back to the earlier questions.

Automatic Routing - Our questionnaire are configured with automatic routings, thus preventing the interviewer from asking unnecessary questions, cutting off a significant source of mistakes.

Data quality is our priority, in addition to the minimum quality standards we have in place, we also program our surveys to auto-check the validation of interview responses. For example:

1. entering text in a field that requires a number would not be allowed and would trigger an error message to the interviewer 2. entering an age of 150 could trigger a warning message to the interviewer that this seems unlikely and they should confirm with a comment whether or not this is correct. 3. missing answering a question would trigger an error message that the question has not been answered