We use internationally accepted well-tested minimum data quality protocols
for all our projects.

Data Quality

Data Quality Assurance

High quality data is a top priority for all projects we run; however data quality concerns and assurance measures may vary between projects.

Zerihun Associates has an internationally accepted well-tested minimum data quality requirement protocol. Each project manager is responsible ensuring compliance to the minimum quality requirements.

Zerihun's Minimum Data Quality Standards

Human Subjects Clearance | Survey Plan |Two Rounds of Instrument Pilots | Back Translations | Surveyor Training | Surveyor Manual | Two Unique IDs | Confidentiality Agreement | Back Checks| Surveyor and Supervisor Scrutiny | Survey Tracking Forms | Survey Implementation Report | Data-entry Interface Development | Data-entry Training | Double Entry |Data Discrepancy Checks and Reconciliation |Data Collection Audit | Data Entry Audit | Data Cleaning | Data Organization and Dictionary | .do files with comments.

Survey Manuals

Zerihun Associates has a series of standard in-house manuals which are used throughout the project life to guide and support team members, these are Interview Skills, Electronic Questionnaire Manual, Field Administration Manual, Training Manual, and Data Quality Assurance Manual.

Instrument Testing

The goal of the field testing will be to ensure that the instruments are capable of capturing all of the information required by the client. The field test will address the adequacy of the draft instrument at three levels: 1) The questionnaire as a whole; 2) Individual modules; 3) Individual questions.

Research Permit

Zerihun Associates will facilitate application for ethical approval and research permit provided that the client will provide all accompanying documents. Zerihun Associates cannot be held responsible for delays in clearance or outcome of application.