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We delve into the heart of every challenge, exploring all facets of your industry to bring forward the most accurate and relevant information. Our research services include feasibility studies, market research, competitor analysis, and much more, designed to empower your strategic decisions.

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Data collection

Utilizing the latest tools and methodologies, we gather qualitative and quantitative data from a variety of sources. Our rigorous data collection processes ensure that the information we collect is reliable, timely, and relevant, providing a solid foundation for insightful analysis.

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We don't just analyze; we implement. Our intervention strategies are crafted to not only identify but also rectify inefficiencies, streamline operations, and enhance overall effectiveness. From process improvement to policy development, we provide actionable solutions that lead to measurable results.

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Our analytical services transform data into intelligence. Using advanced statistical techniques and data visualization tools, we interpret complex datasets to uncover patterns, trends, and insights. This critical analysis informs business strategy and policy-making, driving innovation and success.

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At Zerihun Associates, we specialize in comprehensive research services tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.

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At Zerihun Associates, our approach sets us apart. We harness a unique blend of local insight, technical expertise, and a commitment to sustainability to address the pressing needs of our communities and clients.

We ensure the highest standards of data integrity, accuracy, and reliability. Our rigorous data collection, validation, and analysis processes mean that decisions are informed by the best available information.

Our deep roots and extensive experience within local contexts give us an unparalleled understanding of the cultural, economic, and environmental factors that influence project outcomes.

We constantly innovate in our methods and technologies to stay at the forefront of the research industry, adapting advanced techniques that enhance both efficiency and effectiveness.

We believe in working closely with communities, engaging them as active participants rather than passive subjects, which leads to more impactful and sustainable outcomes.

We are a group of innovative, experienced, and proficient teams.

Tewodros Zerihun

General Manager

Abebual Demilew

Senior Data Scientist

Seada Redwan

Project Manager

Eyasu Lulseged

Data Analyst

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