We offer business analytics and solutions that helps connect
brands with clients.

Market Research

Cultivating stable and long-term relationship takes intelligent research that helps connect brand with customers. As your brand progress through phases, its strength and success are based on the ability to remain relevant by continuously evolving to meet customer needs while remaining true to your core value position. Zerihun Associates helps you understand the current value of your brand and plot a way forward to reinforce your core strengths and address vulnerabilities and threats.

Whether you need to build a strategic framework, evaluate the return on investment of competing scenarios or implement tactics, Zerihun Associates market researchers help you answer the following challenging questions: What benefits do customers want from a brand in your category? What is unique about your competitor's brands, and how can you use that information to your advantage? Are customers aware of your brand, and is it positioned properly to meet their needs? What are you brand's potential points of vulnerability? How do the tangible and emotional aspects of your brand support each other, and how are they linked to your business outcomes? Can you extend your brand into new product lines and markets?

Let our experienced marketing strategist's insightful analysis make the difference for your brand's success.