Our services include impact evaluation, process evaluation, market research, data collection, electronic survey programming,
data entry and management, data quality assurance, data analysis and reporting.

Natural Resource Management

National Resource Managment

Environmental and Natural Resource Management

Environmental baseline mapping and the acquisition, interpretation and management of spatially-enabled environmental data and information are critical for the conservation, protection and management of the environment and to the exploration and sustainable exploitation of natural resources.

We offer exceptional breadth and depth of expertise and experience in successfully navigating the unique set of technical issues that confront environmental and natural resources management from the earliest stages of planning and permitting, through implementation, to monitoring and evaluation.

Conservation of Woodlands, Wetlands and Wildlife

We can help you manage, analyze and visualize a variety of environmental, spatial, temporal and statistical data, including woodlands, wetlands, biodiversity and wildlife data in targeted areas for:

• Studying populations and population distribution, patterns and trends; habitat use and preferences; progress of conservation activities; and historical and present national, regional and local biodiversity.

• Studying of animal populations at a variety of scales as well as analysis tools to study habitat corridors; migration patterns; and the influence of parks, reserves, and sanctuaries for wildlife conservation.

• Monitoring changes and making well-informed decisions about strategies, policies and future land-use practices that will sustain, protect and conserve forests, biodiversity, animal habitats, wetlands, wildlife and resources.

• Easily seeing conservation issues and raise public awareness about critical environmental concerns such as deforestation, loss of biodiversity, resource depletion due to global climate change, CO2 emissions, logging, forest fires and other human disruptions that threaten our Earth's forested and marshy areas.

National Resource Managment