Our Associates have extensive experience of project implementation in Africa on a variety of thematic areas including agriculture, health, education,
gender, livelihoods, small and medium enterprises, business analytics, and post-conflict recovery.

Partners and Associates

Partners and Associates

We joined forces to build Zerihun Associates on the premise that development research and surveys should adhere to rigorous academic standards if its to lead to policies that effectively advances African growth.

Girma Taddesse Tewodros Zerihun

Tewodros Zerihun, Partner
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

As one of the founding partners of Zerihun Associates, Tewodros has led the development of Zerihun's mission, strategy, values and team with a deep commitment to making business and development more effective in improving people's lives. His vision, creativity, and results-based management style are highly valued. Tewodros's career spans more than a decade in the corporate business development and financial management sector. Tewodros is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and has played key financial leadership roles - including experience in partnership management and leading and developing teams. Tewodros has experience working with Stanford University and other institutions based in the US and Ethiopia. Tewodros education combines Economics and Accounting. He holds Masters in Economics from Eastern Illinois University. Through his role as Chief Financial Officer, Tewodros leads the strategic direction of the business to ensure innovation, controlled growth, and continued excellence in the services we offer. 

Girma Taddesse, Senior Associate

Research and Evaluation 

Ato Girma Tadesse is Chief Economic Statistician specialized in agriculture statistics. Girma has over 30 years of experience leading agriculture statistics division at the Ethiopia Central Statistics Agency. He lead efforts to improve the methodology underpinning the Agency's collection and dissemination of data on every facet of Ethiopian agriculture. He currently travels between various African countries to advise national statistics agencies on the design, collection and analysis of agriculture surveys and population censuses. A major component of his work has been collaborative with researchers in the agricultural science and economics. Ato Girma obtained his Masters in Economic Statistics from George Washington University in 1984 and also trained in Agricultural Statistics, from Tashkent Agricultural Institute, USSR. 


Abebual Demilew Abebual Demilew, Partner
Director, Research and Evaluation

In his 12 years of professional and academic experience he has built up a significant track record in the design, fundraising and rolling out of various data management, evaluation and research projects and has developed and provided strategic leadership for globally reputable institutions, including IPA, JPAL, EDI, Surveybe, BRAC, and AMREF. Abebual has a track record of running over 20 large scale impact evaluations and panel surveys with diverse policy goals including– youth empowerment, improving learning outcomes, primary health care service strengthening, agricultural technology adoption, post-conflict recovery, building resilient livelihoods, value chain development, governance and community participation. He has published articles in top peer-reviewed journals and presented his work at various international conferences. Abebual has played a critical role in setting up Evaluation and Research Centers in Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan, and Sierra Leone. He was the head of Research and Evaluation Division for BRAC Eastern Africa and Country Director for Innovations for Poverty Action. His education combines applied economics and public health. Abebual holds Msc in Policy Economics from Williams College, and MPH from James P.Grant School of Public Health. He brings 12 years of professional and leadership experience. At Zerihun Associates, Abebual leads the development and design of evaluation and research projects as well as conducting researches relevant to improving the impacts of businesses and development projects in Africa. Abebual also manages Zerihun Associates' research network.
Siefu Zerihun
Siefu Zerihun, Associate
Business Analytics and Solutions
Seifu has extensive experience of applying analytical solutions to range of business problems. He has over 9 years of experience in complex statistical analysis using R, SAS, SPSS, EViews, STATA and Statistica. Seifu uses machine learning algorithms and various BI tools to analyze client’s business performance and optimize client’s return on investment. He provides marketing analytics solutions to clients on traditional commerce and E-commerce spaces. He has vast experience in brand analysis, customer segmentations, predictive modeling, supply chain analytics, design experiment and has worked for Fortune 100 companies to produce ‘best practices’ that are frequented by top tier enterprises. Seifu is an avid tableau user, expert R programmer and SAS Certified Programmer. He assists clients’ HR Team with Talent Analytics with modeling employee risk of flight. He has vast experience with tools such as Salesforce, SAP Business Object, Sysomos, and IBM Cognos Business Intelligence. He holds PhD in Economics from Southern Illinois University.
Rediet Abiy
Rediet Abiy, Associate
Sector Expert, Financial inclusion
Rediet is a development worker with more than 12 years of experience in managing projects and developing curriculums. His work focuses on community development, advocating for child protection and rights, designing and conducting teacher facilitator training, curriculum development for a better learning outcomes, and promoting financial inclusion for children and youth. He has worked on several local, national, regional and international projects that have been designed to improve the lives of communities. He has started professional career in Ethiopia and has expanded the provision of his professional expertise to several countries in Africa. He has a track record of achievements in quality implementation of large scale projects, providing guidance for team members, advocacy and policy influencing and research. He has direct experience in 17 countries in Africa coordinating efforts with organizations in the region including - NGOs, INGOs, microfinance institutions, and other, stakeholders such as UNICEF, UNCDF, ministries of education, as well as funding agencies – the World Bank, DFID, USAID, GIZ, and others. He strongly believes that, for a noble cause to be sustainable and reach all the groups that it is targeting, it should be mainstreamed into local, national and international policy agenda and implemented diligently. In all the projects he has participated in and coordinated, Rediet, has managed to influence several bodies, including government bodies of several countries in Africa , to review polices and create opportunities for the specific target population to benefit from the purpose that the projects stood behind. He holds MA in Development Studies from the International Institute of Social Studies in The Hague and BA in Sociology and Social Administration from Addis Ababa University.
Ermias Arega
Ermias Arega, Associate
Data Processing Coordinator
Ermyas Arega is a mathematician specialized in data programming. Ermyas has over 18 years of experience managing the programming and analysis of wide-range of datasets at the Ethiopia Central Statistics Agency. He has extensive experience working on databases containing agricultural, economic, epidemiological, social and behavioral elements including aspirations, expectations, cognitive development. He programmed various large-scale and complex panel surveys for International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), Ethiopian Economic Development Research Institute (EDRI) and the World Bank. Ermyas has vast experience in the design and programming of electronic survey instruments using CSPro, Surveybe, and ODK software. He has extensive experience working with SPSS and STATA statistical software packages. His blend of experience and strong attention to detail makes him a natural choice to manage Zerihun Associates' data processing team. Ermias holds MA in Socio-Informatics from Stellenbosch University, and BSc in Mathematics from Addis Ababa University.
Yetnayet Z. Demissie
Senior Associate
Yetnayet Z. Demissie is an International Trade Policy professional with expertise in multilateral, bilateral and free trade agreement, government relations, trade facilitation, commercial diplomacy and foreign government advocacy. She also has extensive experience in legal research, legal practice, advising private, non-profit and government agencies as well as international clients in the EU, the US and Africa, Equipped with strong written, analytical, communication and negotiation skills, she has proven experience in leadership and management through several supervisory roles at General Electric, MB & Associates and Manchester Trade Ltd. Yetnayet has worked cross-culturally with senior officials on trade issues and economic policy projects worldwide through government, trade association and corporate positions. She maintains a regional expertise in Africa. She earned a LLM degree from William and Mary Law School and her Masters in International Business Law from Montpellier School of Law in Montpellier- France.
Silver Namunane
Silver Namunane, Associate
Research Associates, Uganda Programmes
Silver is a Research Associate, Uganda Programmes and lead analyst at the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development in Uganda, he specializes in impact analysis of tax policy changes on the economy and simulating the expected revenues to finance public expenditure. Silver has extensive experience in analyzing huge databases which range from import and export inventories to household survey data. Using statistical software (E-views, STATA, RATS…), he generates policy proposals from the data and simulates the impact on revenue and the economy. In addition, Silver posses an excellent understanding of panel cointegration techniques, which are used to assess the existence of long run relationships between variables of interest in the event that time series data are not sufficient. Silver also has an excellent understanding of tax policy design and evaluation (Value Added Tax and Income Tax), which emanate from his experience at the Ministry of Finance in Uganda, where he plays an instrumental role in generating and evaluating different tax policy proposals to widen Uganda’s tax base. He therefore brings with him efficient evaluation techniques and excellent understanding of public policy. Silver holds Msc in Policy Economics from Williams College and a first class Bachelor’s Degree in Statistics from Makerere University