Our services include impact evaluation, process evaluation, market research, data collection, electronic survey programming,
data entry and management, data quality assurance, data analysis and reporting.


Integrated Geo-information and Environmental Management Services (INTEGEMS)

Zerihun Associates and Integrated Geo-information and Environmental Management Services (INTEGEMS) have a long standing successful partnership in East and West Africa. We have a highly collaborative approach that maximizes the complementary skills and added value of each firm and builds upon our established working relationship through past collaboration.

Integrated Geo-information and Environmental Management Services (INTEGEMS) is a dynamic multidisciplinary consultancy firm that integrates innovative Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing technologies. INTEGEMS is registered in the United Kingdom (UK) and Sierra Leone, West Africa.

In addition to the GIS expertise, INTEGEMS strives to lead the debate on research and consultancy methodologies in order to inculcate innovative and standardized methods in undertaking action research and evaluation, while providing institutional support to enhance development and research capacity in Sierra Leone.

INTEGEMS hires over 85 staff and contractors deployed in projects across Western Africa countries. INTEGEMS clients include UNDP, various Government offices, UN, West Africa Regional Fisheries, IFAD, and various mining corporations. To learn more about INTEGEMS visit http://www.integems.com/.

The Economic Policy Research Institute (EPRI)

Zerihun Associates has strong collaboration withThe Economic Policy Research Institute (EPRI) in advancing social protection policies throughout Sub-Saharan Africa EPRI, a not-for-profit independent research institute based in Cape Town, specialises in providing social protection research including research in the design, implementation and impact of cash transfer programmes, capacity building and policy advisory services to government and civil society. EPRI is committed to pro-poor, equitable and inclusive economic growth and to social protection for vulnerable people as a developmental response to poverty. Through capacity-building work and technical assistance to country-led policy formation, EPRI endeavours to build South-South cooperation and develop local knowledge. EPRI is also committed to building and sharing an evidence base on social protection that is drawn from economic analysis and global lessons of experience.

Recently EPRI has been working with governments on social protection initiatives in Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Mozambique, Papua New Guinea, Malawi, Rwanda, and Zimbabwe and has recently completed social protection projects in Ghana, Viet Nam, Nepal, Kenya, Zambia, Pakistan and South Africa. . To learn more about EPRI visit www.epri.org.za.

MNK Data Consult

Zerihun Associates also has a strong working relationship with MNK. MKN is a global professional services firm specializing in freelance statistical consultancy in a wide range of areas, and is based in central Kampala, Uganda. Our specialty is the application of statistics, economics and actuarial techniques to make sense of business, economic, health and other data sets in order to come up with workable solutions to problems facing the specific sectors. We also provide turnaround and interim management, performance improvement and business advisory services. To learn more about MNK Data Consult please visit http://www.mnkdataconsult.com/home.html