Zerihun Associates and Economic Policy Research Institute (EPRI) Evaluates the Efficiency and
Effectiveness of Ethiopia's Health Sector Support for the Poorest

Zerihun Associates in collaboration with the Economic Policy Research Institute (EPRI) - a not-for-profit independent research institute based in Cape Town evaluates the efficiency and effectiveness of Ethiopia's health sector support for the poorest. The overall purpose of the study is to carry out a social and financial assessment of the impact of the health sector programme on the most vulnerable and disadvantaged groups in Ethiopia. That is, the study assesses the extent to which resources reach the most disadvantage groups, regions and woredas of the country. The project will consider the equitable allocation of public resources and service delivery among regions, income groups, and rural and urban locations.

Financing the Child - Centered SDGs in Ethiopia (UNICEF)
UNICEF Ethiopia contracted Zerihun Associates and Economic Policy Research Institute, a South African think tank to evaluate the social protection policies in Ethiopia and analyse the long-term financing of social protection.