Our services include impact evaluation, process evaluation, market research, data collection, electronic survey programming,
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National Resource Managment

Zerihun Research Fellowship Programme

Since 2013, Zerihun Associates has been working with governments across sub-Saharan countries with diverse policy goals - including health system improvement, enhancing learning outcomes, promoting agricultural technology adoption, promoting community participation and accountability, and mobile technology access.

Recently, we have set up a research fellowship programme for young Ethiopian professionals where we provide them the opportunity to work with senior researchers and receive critical on-job training. This fellowship is aimed at creating the next generation of Ethiopians who are capable of bridging the gap between rigorous evidence and policymaking in Ethiopia.

At Zerihun Associates, we believes that evidence based policymaking can help solve the global development challenges and help achieve the newly set sustainable development goals. Our list of projects including our latest addition - a randomized control trial of behaviorally informed immunization project in Ethiopia can be found here.

Meet our fellows:

Messay Girma - Economic Research Fellow

Mr. Mesay Girma is a Research Fellow at Zerihun Associates in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He received his B.A in Economics and M.A in Human and Economic Development from Addis Ababa University before eventually becoming a research fellow at Zerihun Associates in 2015. Mesay is a result-driven young researcher who is passionate about using skills to make a positive difference, skilled in working collaboratively with key partners to facilitate complex project implementation and capacity building. An adaptable and effective research coordinator demonstrating influential communication skills and develops strong relationships at all levels. In addition, he is effective in managing monitoring and evaluation initiatives, field supervision, data collection and analysis.

Mesfin Mamuye – Technology Fellow

Mesfin Mamuye is a Software programmer specialized in software development, electronic surveys and data programming and has over 10 years of experience managing software development, data programming and analysis of wide-range of statistical datasets in Ethiopia. He has extensive experience working on databases containing agricultural, economic, epidemiological, social and behavioral elements including aspirations, expectations, cognitive development. He programmed various large-scale and complex panel surveys for various local and international organizations.

Mesfin has vast experience in the design and programming of electronic survey instruments using CSPro, Surveybe, and ODK software’s. He has extensive experience working with SPSS and STATA statistical software packages and other Programming Languages including Java, JSP, Servlet, Java Server Face(JSF), PHP, ICE faces, Prime face, JavaScript, Quarry, C, C++, C#, VB.Net, ASP.NET, and Functional programming. Mesfin holds BSC degree in Information Systems from Addis Ababa University, School of Information Science and Technology. At Zerihun Associates, and Masters from Uppsala University, Sweden.

Innovate Ethiopia

Innovate Ethiopia

Innovate Ethiopia is part of the larger, non-profit, InChallenges movement, which Zerihun Associates is a member of and grew out of the great success of the Innovate Salone competition in Sierra Leone in 2012.

InChallenges is an initiative of GMin, an NGO based in the US with strong links to professionals and students at MIT and Harvard universities. In the last few years the program has been replicated in Kenya (Innovate Kenya) and South Africa (Innovate Cape Town).

Innovate Ethiopia's aim is to encourage local students to promote a change in mindset by encouraging critical thinking, creativity and innovation. Helping the youth to think through idea, develop the idea through exchange, dialogue, and support them both technically and financially. Providing a push from ideas to creation. It seeks to bring about a transformational change and unleash innovative potential of Ethiopian Youth through entrepreneurial and innovative skills training, provision of comprehensive business advisory services, and encouraging innovation.

The program allows to capitalize on youth creativity, knowledge exchange, and innovation to address challenges affecting the country’s developmental goals. It plans to create an enabling environment for the youth to fulfil their potential and be heard, engaged and valued as social actors and creative thinkers in specialized fields. The system is designed to unleash their potential to promote innovation and entrepreneurship and sustainable development.

Innovate Ethiopia is not only giving secondary school students the opportunity to develop their ideas like never before, it also provides various learning opportunities to help these students grow.

From being paired with professional mentors, to learning how to work as a business team, the Innovate Ethiopia-Challenge aims to:

1. Apply science and arts concepts to develop real-world solutions helping students to become creative citizens
2. Working with a group on individuals to utilize various experiences and perspectives while developing team collaborative skills
3. Teach students how to think about a solution: idea generation, rapid prototyping, and successful implementation strategies
4. Challenge students to create practical solutions to issues in their communities

Innovate Ethiopia will provide support for selectedyouth to solve challenges in their own communities. It provides a platform to ignite creative thinking, to nurture invention and encourage entrepreneurship. It inspires and empowers a cohort of young problem solvers that address challenges they truly understand. Our philosophy is that the solutions to Ethiopia’s challenges are best grown at home. Departing from the commonplace “Aid in Ethiopia” mentality, Innovate Ethiopia nurtures a “Made in Ethiopia!” mentality in the youth.

Innovate Ethiopia works to harness the possibilities of Ethiopian youth transforming the country. We believe innovations in technology can be used to harness the possibilities presented by Ethiopia’s very young population to advance Ethiopian development agenda and to stem off the steadily rising youth unemployment rates.

Innovate Ethiopia aims to help young innovators by providing resources to learn more about relevant topics like design thinking and entrepreneurship. We will train and support high school learners, or ‘innovation agents’, to facilitate innovation clubs in their schools. Innovate Ethiopia provides a platform for innovators to share their experiences, exchange ideas, build networks, enhance their innovation capacity, and actualize their inventions and innovative ideas, developing human capacities; and serve as a platform to generate ideas and innovative proposals

Most importantly, we do not identify and solve problems for the youth. Instead, we provide students with support to design and implement their own solutions to problems they have chosen to work on, igniting a generation of social entrepreneurs. It is therefore our goal to inspire innovation in Ethiopian youth by equipping them with a set of tools that teach them to think about problems in their communities with an “I can do something about this” attitude.

We also focus on social -- as opposed to market-driven -- innovation. Essentially, our focus is not on inspiring innovation for the sake of business entrepreneurship (although we support this as a means to an end); rather, it is on social entrepreneurship where the social impact is central to the venture. We are looking for grassroots solutions, i.e. solutions that take a bottom-up approach and directly impact communities. Although the words ‘technology’ and ‘business’ are synonymous with innovation, we focus on the core of what innovation really is and that technology and business can contribute to: implementing a new solution to a problem in a sustainable way.

Innovate Ethiopia in a larger sense is dedicated to improving the quality of life in Ethiopia through the collaborative integration of scientific, socio-cultural, technological and entrepreneurial innovations. Through networks of businesses, academic institutions, and public-private partnerships both within and outside Ethiopia, the competition will support teams with solutions that have the potential to create impact in any field but with a focus on: Health, Energy, Education, Agriculture, Transportation, Telecommunications, Civic Media, and Engineering. To learn more about Innovate Ethiopia please visit the initiative website at www.innovateethiopia.org.